Friday, March 30, 2012

VIDEO: R.I.P. Oksana Makar! Ukraine's Gang Rape Victim Dies Today -- Tragic Story

KIEV, Ukraine (Fri, Mar. 30) – The 18-year-old Oksana Makar from Mykolayiv, the victim of one of Ukraine's most shocking crimes in recent years, passed away today in Donetsk Burn Center. 

R.I.P. Oksana Makar! Ukraine's Gang Rape Victim Dies Today

A protest rally is scheduled today at 16:00 (local time) in Nikolaevin to support Oksana Makar and to demand the government to arrest all the culprits. Today, the three suspects are identified by local media as Yevhen Krasnoschek, 23, Maksym Prisyazhnyuk, 24, and Artem Pogosyan, 22.

Makar was gang raped and burnt on March 9. She was found hardly alive on March 10 dumped in a pit at Mykolayiv construction site after having spent about 10 hours with her severely burned body exposed to frosty weather. She was hospitalized in critical condition with burns on more than 55 percent of her body.

Makar struggled for her life during past three weeks but lost the battle today morning when her lungs started bleeding and heart stopped on 7:30 a.m, according to Ukrainian media. She was formally declared dead 9:30 a.m.

Later during the day, Surovitska, the mother of Oksana Makar told the media:

"My daughter died with a smile on her face. When I ran to the emergency room to say goodbye to her, she smiled. I was told about her death 2,5 hours later, at 10 am. They apparently tried to save her but haven’t succeeded. I'm not angry at the physicians. Actually, I am grateful they did everything they could.”

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