Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Piper Kan: One-million dollar baby born to Australian couple

SYDNEY, Australia (Wed, Mar. 28) – A million-dollar baby was born to an Australian couple while they were on a holiday trip in Vancouver last August.

Piper Kan: One-million dollar baby born to Australian couple
According to details; John Kan and Rachel Evans were on a holiday trip when Ms Evans had a premature labor while they were on the airport to catch their flight back to their hometown, Sydney.

The interesting fact to share is that the couple had an insurance cover for travel along with an extra pregnancy cover for the pregnancy of Evans; but unfortunately their insurance policy didn’t mean to cover birth or baby. 

Kan shifted her wife B.C. Women’s Hospital and Health Centre immediately; where they were blessed with a baby girl who was named Piper Kan. Baby Kan had to stay in the neo-natal ward due too premature birth for three months and the bill ended up being about one million dollar.

According to reports by Australian media; the couple negotiated a payment plan with the hospital at about $300 a month, which would take 278 years to pay back the total bill of $1 million.

Australia’s foreign affairs minister is looking into the case to find any suitable way to help the couple to ease off their liability. 

Ms. Evans said she is obliged for any assistance the government might be able to offer.

“We don’t feel our mistake was someone else’s responsibility but obviously it is quite a large amount so any assistance we can get would be helpful.”

Australian residents can get treatments considered medically essential under mutual agreements with 11 countries, but unfortunately Canada is not one of those countries.

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