Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ukranian MP attacked by FEMEN activist during live TV show: Russia Today (VIDEO)

KIEV, Ukraine (Tue, Mar. 06) – A FEMEN activist attacked a Ukranian politician from ruling party during a live TV show, Russia Today reported.

According to details, the scuffle started when the host of the TV show asked the FEMEN activist, dressed nicely this time incidentally, to comment on the FEMEN’s naked assault during the presidential election in Russia.

Instead of replying to the question of the host the girl called on her nation to restore protest actions against Ukrainian authorities, a plan which made the parliamentary deputy call her a “prostitute”. 

In reaction to verbal abuse, the experienced female activist took the MP roughly, who argued she is a “mentally-ill drunk slut” who should get of the studio as she “dishonors Ukraine”. 

As the host tried to shut up the drama, the girl managed however to spit at the politician’s face and was finally shown out the studio by security. 

Watch video below:


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