Monday, March 26, 2012

Maryland girl Anais Fournier, 14, died of caffeine toxicity after consuming two energy drinks

Baltimore, MARYLAND, USA – The concern about the health of kids due to frequent intake of energy drinks and other beverages is heightening after the death of 14-year-old Maryland girl, who was reported dead after drinking two energy drinks within 24 hours. 

Anais Fournier (most right) died of caffeine toxicity after consuming two energy drinks
According to details; Anais Fournier died last December due to caffeine toxicity which rose sharply after she consumed two cans of Monster energy drinks, which contained 480mg of caffeine – almost equal to caffeine found in 14 cans of Coca Cola.

Fournier suffered a cardiac arrest the next day and passed away from cardiac arrhythmia due to none other than risen caffeine toxicity; U.S. TODAY reported, the amount of caffeine found in the body of the girl was almost five times the recommended caffeine limit from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Wendy Crossland, the mother of deceased girl, told media that her daughter had 24-ounce energy drink while she was hanging around with her friends in the mall. 

“She drank another one less than 24 hours later, even though she knew I do not allow them because I know they are bad for you. She went into cardiac arrest three hours later at home,” Crossland said further. 

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