Monday, March 19, 2012

Ozar Hatorah School Shooting in France (Updates): Police searching for ex-soldiers with neo-Nazi connections

TOULOUSE, France (Tue, March 20) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy called the brutal firing spree at Jewish School in Toulouse, in southwest France as “national tragedy”, reported by BBC. 

School Shooting in France: Police searching for ex-soldiers with neo-Nazi connections
According to details; a gunmen on a black Yamaha motorcycle started firing on Monday morning at an area which serves as the drop-off point for the children of Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school.  

The tragic incident killed four - including Jonathan Sandler, a teacher at the school, his two sons, ages 3 and 6, and an 8-year-old girl, daughter of the head teacher. A 17-year-old boy was also injured by the gunman’s shooting.  

A large-scale manhunt has been launched to trace the executor of the deadly shootings with an alleged links with a neo-Nazi group operating in the area, also involved in targeting France's Jewish and North African communities. 

According to reports by Le Point - French weekly news magazine; the police are searching for three former French soldiers who were kicked out of the force in 2008, believing they might be connected to the recent school shooting and other killing conspiracies in the past. 

"The police remain convinced that the attacker is military (still active or not), given his modus operandi, his way of moving and his use of his weapon," a translation of the report said. 

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