Sunday, March 4, 2012

Russia: Femen Activists Topless Crusade against Vladimir Putin (Videos and Photos)

MOSCOW, Russia (Sun, Mar. 04) – A group of Ukrainian female protesters went topless Sunday at the polling station where frontrunner presidential candidate Vladimir Putin had just voted.

Femen Activists Topless Crusade against Vladimir Putin
According to eyewitnesses, the Femen activists tried to steal the box in which Putin had just cast his ballot, Russia Today says.

According to details; three semi-naked activists covered with protest slogans disrupted voting just 20 minutes after the premier left the building.

The activists started chanting slogans against Putin at the polling station in the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he cast his ballot.

The Femen activists can be sentenced to 15 days in jail for disorderly conduct at the polling station, RIA Novosti informs. The police have initiated an administrative offense case against them.

Femen Activists Topless Crusade against Vladimir Putin
Voter turnout for the Russian presidential election reached 56.3 percent at 6 p.m. Moscow time, according to the Central Election Commission's Deputy Head Leonid Ivlev.

The voter turnout was 47.6% by 3 p.m., RIA Novosti has reported.

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