Friday, March 2, 2012

Protecting/Spoiling: Google's controversial 'Privacy Policy' comes in to effect

Google has brought in effect its controversial new privacy policy from yesterday (Thursday, Mar. 01). By putting into place fresh rules that allow tech giant to monitor much more information about internet users, Google is going to invade the privacy of its users, critics say.

Protecting/Spoiling: Google's controversial 'Privacy Policy' comes in to effect

The new privacy policy affects users who are logged into their Google account, such as Gmail, Google Plus or You Tube, by allowing search engine giant to collect data about what an individual user does online and target advertising toward them. 

Google's recent changes to its privacy policy have sparked anger and concern. But rationally speaking it bears the implications - both good and bad - for your business?

Only those who use a Google account to access the services will be affected. Those who use Google simply as a search engine will not. Users can opt out of the new policy only by cancelling their account.

A Google spokesperson said: ‘This new, simpler approach will make it easier for users to understand our privacy practices, and it reflects our desire to create a simpler, more intuitive experience across Google by integrating our different products more closely for signed-in users.’

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