Friday, May 4, 2012

Facebook is now biggest valued ever internet company

The social networking leader Facebook has been valued at up to $95 billion (£58.6 billion) after the company has set a price range of $28 (£17) to 35 dollars (£21) per share for an initial public offer (IPO) in a regulatory filing.  

Facebook is now biggest valued ever internet company
Facebook's IPO has been regarded as the much-awaited event by experts, not just because of how much money it will raise but because of its worldwide popularity among the internet users. The world's largest online social network has more than 900 million users worldwide.

With the above-stated disclosed price range for IPO, Facebook has becomes the biggest ever valued internet company and its current shareholders could raise as much as 13.58 billion dollars (£8.3 billion). That happens if the underwriters sell extra stock reserved for over-allotments, which they will be expected to do keeping in view the excitement surrounding the IPO.

According to Renaissance Capital - an IPO investment adviser, with an expected number of Facebook shares i.e. 2.74 billion; it’s offering values the company at 76 billion dollars (£47 billion) to 95 billion dollars (£59 billion). 

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