Thursday, May 10, 2012

Damascus Blasts (May 10) -- Over 40 killed, 170 wounded: State TV

DAMASCUS, Syria (Thu, May 10) – Dozens of people were killed while more than 150 wounded as a result of two blasts which rocked the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday morning. 

Damascus Blasts (May 10) -- Over 40 killed, 170 wounded: State TV
One of Thursday's rush hour blasts hit the Qazaz locality that houses a well-known military intelligence headquarters involved in President Bashar al-Assad's onslaught on a 14-month revolution.

The boundary wall of the 9-floor headquarters destroyed, although the structure inside appeared to be unharmed.

Syrian state television has confirmed that at least 40 people were killed and 170 wounded in the twin blasts.

The blasts were so powerful that had been heard all over the city.

Medical workers were seen gathering parts of human bodies from the streets of the area after the blasts and severely damaged cars and other vehicles stood smoldering in the area, reported by Associated Press.

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