Monday, May 21, 2012

Sanaa, Yemen: Suicide attack during military parade left more than 100 soldiers dead

SANAA, Yemen (Mon, May 21) – More than 100 soldiers were killed on Monday in Yemen's capital when a suicide bomber exploded himself during a military parade rehearsal. The suicide bombing is certainly one of the deadliest terror attacks in years in terms of loss of lives.

Yemeni Defense Ministry has confirmed the death of 96 soldiers in the latest suicide attack.

Sanaa, Yemen: Suicide attack during military parade left more than 100 soldiers dead
Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack that appeared to be a failed assassination attempt against the Minister of Defense, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, who reached at the city square for the parade just minutes before the suicide bomber blew up himself.

According to media reports based on eyewitnesses statements; the suicide bomber was a participant of the parade drill and was lined up with fellow soldiers at a main square in the capital, not far from the presidential palace. 

The suicide bomber was allegedly belonged to the Central Security, a paramilitary force led by Yahia – nephew of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
As a ground reality; while fighting al-Qaeda militants, Yemen's new president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, has been entangled in a power struggle with loyalists of ex Yemeni leader. He has terminated the services of several of them along with family members from top positions in the armed forces, including the air force.

Monday's terror attack left a scene of massacre, with hundreds of bleeding soldiers lying on the ground as ambulances rushed to the scene. Several detached heads were on the roadway amid large pools of blood and human remains.

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