Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Syria's parliamentary elections: Anti-Assad protesters mock via online videos

Damascus, Syria (Tue, May 08) – Anti-government demonstrators were swift to make parody of Syria's parliamentary elections Monday with a outbreak of amateur, online videos sketching a vote they say aims to put a sparkly shine on the strict rule of President Bashar al Assad and cover up its violent crackdown on protesters.

Since March 20122, the start of anti-regime revolt , amateur videographers have played an important role in revealing the other side of the story to the world about the Middle East's most brutal police states, uploading daily hundreds of videos of protests, destroyed homes, regime forces and the often bloody bodies of those killed by them. 

Beside the serious videos, there have been a lot of spoofs showing an often dark humor about the ongoing political and human rights’ crisis in the country.

Watch one of such videos below:

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