Thursday, September 1, 2011 Announces New Incentive Plan With Exciting 'AV Select Media' Program - Details Here

Allvoices has announced new incentive plan effective from September 1, 2011 with few very exciting and attractive features. Here I’ll discuss which I found the most exciting among all those new features i.e. Allvoices Select Media Program. Pioneers of City Journalism

The program is designed to benefit those contributors on Allvoices who possess extraordinary writing skills, powerful vision and distinguished insight in the issues related to United States directly or indirectly and able to attract scores of viewers from US. 

Right now AV Select Media Program is open to all contributors enjoying the status of ‘Anchor’ on AV; while contributors with Reporter and Stringer statuses can be a part of this program subject to invitation which itself depends upon few factors like:
  1. At least 15 quality reports and the support of our Anchors
  2. A complete profile page, with a bio and photo. Allvoices must know your identity
  3. A real Linked-in, Facebook and/or Twitter account.
  4. You must respond to all comments and questions on the reports in a timely manner
The exclusive salient feature of AV Select Media Program is the highest payment rate i.e. $4 per 1000 page views.

Allvoices Introduces Exciting New 'AV Select Media' Program
The lucky contributors who opted, in case of Anchor, to be part of AV Select Media Program or selected, in case of Reporter or Stringer, will have to click the ‘AV Select Media Checkbox’ added to the report generation section, as seen in picture above, if and only if the report meets all the prerequisites necessary for AV Select Media Program.  

Once the report is submitted for AV Select Media Program it will be reviewed thoroughly before being approved or disapproved to be part of the Program.

The contributors who will be part of AV Select Media Program can track their progress under this Program by checking separate section in ‘Metrics’ tab related to AV Select Media Program that will show following information:
  • The number of your reports approved for the program
  • The number of page views your reports have generated
  • Revenue Factor
  • AV Select Media payment rate
For further details .... Check it out Allvoices Select Media Program.

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