Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday! Google Turns 13 -- Celebrated by Google Doodle

Search engine giant Google is celebrating its 13th birthday today (Sept. 27, 2011). The logo, transformed for one day only, in accordance with the Google marking the day of anniversaries of births, deaths, inventions and public holidays. 

Google Doodle Celebrated 13th Birthday

Its own birthday is no different; surrounded by multi-colored balloons and streamers; its logo is adorned with party hats and sits behind a table heaped with wrapped presents and a large white birthday cake with 13 candles.

Although Google officially celebrates its birthday on September 27; but they formally applied for incorporation on September 04, 1998 and got registered the domain ‘google.com’ on September 15

Before a formal incorporation they emerged as BackRub in 1996 when Yahoo! or AOL was extensively used. Finally, its name substitute was inspired by a play called googol, meaning "followed by a hundred zeroes". The name itself indicates their main endeavor to provide with outsized quantities of information for populace, and this is what they are known for today.

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