Saturday, September 10, 2011

Russian national, Andrei Mikhailov, held at Faisal chowk (Lahore) in suspicion of spying

LAHORE, Pakistan (Sept. 10) – A Russian national was reportedly detained by Police as soon as he arrived from Peshawar on Thursday due to his suspicious appearance. But later on he was released after getting proofs that he was merely a harmless tourist.

Russian national held at Faisal chowk, Lahore in suspicion of spying
According to details; the 40-year-old Andrei Mikhailov was wearing a local dress, shalwar kameez, having a beard and taking photographs of the building of Punjab Assembly which made him suspected and Civil Lines police held him at Faisal Chowk (Square).  

Later on; Amanullah, a Waris Road resident and the host of Russian Mikhailov, came to police and showed the passport of his Russian friend who was supposed to meet him at Lahore zoo. Thereafter, police released Mikhailov after verification of his passport and valid visa stamp.  

Amanullah later on told that he knew Mikhailov from, a website which facilitates low-cost travel by bringing together prospective tourists and hosts willing to put them up for free. “He was in Peshawar for a month as well with people he met through the web site,” he said.

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