Monday, September 26, 2011

Reality of Facebook 'Price Grid' Membership -- Charges Per Month: Gold for $9.99, Silver for $6.99, Bronze for $3.99

The cyber world has been getting overpopulated with the Facebook-related hoaxes and rumours since the social networking giant has announced the significant changes to its Open Graph platform, in last week's F8 conference in San Francisco, allowing more sharing than ever before.  

Facebook 'Price Grid' Membership: Gold for $9.99/m, Silver for $6.99/m, Bronze for $3.99/m
Reality of a hoax Facebook message just shared here earlier today while a lot of Facebookers were warned over the weekend against a new scam claiming the Facebook may charge a $9.99 “gold membership" unless users forward a message before midnight.

The message claims that Facebook just released a “price grid" for membership, including $9.99 a month for Gold Member services, $6.99 for Silver Member services, and $3.99 for Bronze Member services. The message further claims that Facebook will continue to be free “IF YOU COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT"
Continue reading the report in detail below:

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