Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch Video: Woman Beat a Man on Susan Road, Madina Town (Faisalabad) For Teasing Her on Phone

FAISALABAD, Pakistan – A woman beat a man in Faisalabad on public place among dozens other watching the drama on a very busy and commercial area today (Friday, Sept. 16) afternoon.

In Faisalabad: Woman Beat Man on Public Place
 According to details the man used to tease the woman on cell phone calling her again and again. She told him many times not to do as it can disturb her personal life; but the man didn’t bother at all and keep calling and teasing her.

At last the woman decided to take the decisive action and she invited him to meet her. As soon as the man came on Susan Road (Madina Town); the Burqa clad woman started to beat him. She caught him from collar of his shirt and slapped him more than twice.

Many people and passers-by gathered there but no one tried to stop the woman as she was also telling how the man made her life a hell. 

This incident must be a lesson for those who involve in such kind of unethical acts.

Watch the video below:

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