Sunday, September 18, 2011

India-Nepal Earthquake Updates: Nine dead and hundreds injured, death toll expected to rise

NEW DELHI, India -- Earthquake UPDATES: Strong earthquake of 6.8-magnitude that rocked northeast India and Nepal earlier today evening has left at least nine dead on the both sides of the border and injured an unspecified numbers in the areas on India-Nepal border.

Strong Earthquake on India-Nepal Border Killed at Least Nine, Dozens Injured

The strong earthquake triggered at least two aftershocks of 6.1 and 5.3 magnitudes, according to Indian seismology department.

According to details; official sources of Indian state Sikkim confirmed the death of four people while large numbers of people are injured and many are still trapped in damaged buildings. Rescue and emergency operations are underway on the both sides of the border.

Furthermore, five deaths are confirmed from the other side of the border where the overall situation is even more disastrous than Indian areas affected by quake.

It is highly expected that the death toll will rise further as the full extent of damage was not immediately known because the region is sparingly populated with many living in distant areas which were cut off by mudslides triggered by the strong earthquake.

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