Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At Least Six People Sustained Burn Injuries in Faisalabad Due to Dangerous Chemical Spray

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Sept. 21) – According to private TV channels reports; at least six persons have sustained serious burn injuries today evening due to a dangerous chemical sprayed on them while they were travelling by a public transport van.

Six Sustained Burn Injuries Due to Dangerous Chemical Spray
According to details; few unidentified persons on a car chased a van on Narwala Road area of Faisalabad and sprayed dangerous chemical on the passengers of the van which caused serious burn injuries to six passengers of the van. The car riders escaped the scene after spraying the chemical.

The entire injured persons were shifted to Allied hospitals immediately for necessary medical attention while police has registered a case against unknown attackers. 

The injured persons have not nominated any person to police for this act saying that they had no enmity and had no information whatsoever about the culprits.

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