Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fight Against Corruption -- Indian Activist Anna Hazare Set to Visit Pakistan

Indian activist Anna Hazare, who was acclaimed for his fight against corruption in his country, has shown his consent to visit Pakistan following an invitation from Nasir Aslam Zahid, the former judge of the Pakistan Supreme Court, and Karamat Ali the executive director of PILER.

Indian Activist Anna Hazare Set to Visit Pakistan
Zahid and Ali have forced Anna to make a visit to Pakistan aiming to have some guidelines for the activists of Pakistan struggling to end corruption in their country.
Furthermore, the duo wants Anna Hazare to work on the peace mission between both neighbouring countries which is a long-term process and certainly the need of the hour.
Both Ali and Zahid went straight away to Ralegan Siddhi to meet and invite Anna Hazare, accompanying with Mr Sanjay Nahar, the founder President of Sarhad – a Pune-based NGO which runs the institute for the children’s from Jammu and Kashmir. Anna, as a result, intended to visit Pakistan subject to health and other conditions.

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