Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Faisalabad ... Husband Tortured His Wife, Shaved Her Head and Locked Him for Many Days

FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Sept. 28) – A woman was physically abused by her husband, who not only shaved her head but also locked her in a room, in a village located in suburbs of Faisalabad.

Woman Got Inhumane Treatment from Her Husband
According to details; Muhammad Hussain, resident of Chak No24-JB Abadi Lahori, used to torture her wife Shazia more than often on regular basis. Shazia tried to inform her parents about her husband’s inhumane attitude asking her neighbours to help her out.

Somebody informed Muhammad Hussain that his wife is trying to escape with the help of her parents. He became angry nd started beating Shazia in the presence of other people of the area. He also shaved her head and locked her in a room.

When Shazia’s father, Abdul Ghaffar Dogar, came to rescue his daughter; Muhammad Hussian also locked him in the room, reportedly not less than for two days until police was informed. Muhammad Hussain later on escaped the scene before police can take action against him. The neighbours released Shazia and her father from the locked room.

The case has been registered in Sahianwala Police Station against Muhammad Hussain and police has started searching for the culprit.

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