Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hengtai Coal Mine Flooded in Northeast China - Updates: 26 miners still trapped underground as rescue operation underway

HARBIN, China (August 24) – Hengtai Coal Miner Trapped Updates

According to latest news; rescue teams are still unable to reach the 26 miners trapped underneath in an illegal coal mine after it flooded on Tuesday.

China Coal Mine Accident (August 23) - 26 miners still trapped underground as rescue operation underway

Reportedly, 45 miners were at work in the coal mine belonged to Hengtai Coal Mining Co., Ltd. Heilongjiang Province, northeast China when water flooded into the pit giving very limited time to workers for escape. Only 19 miners managed to get away in time while rest of 26 get trapped in the pit.  

Further details show that the flooded mine was part of a smaller mine that was being operated unlawfully, as it was supposed to stop production and be included into a larger mine before resuming operations, a spokesman with the provincial work safety administration said.

Moreover, the administration has advised local authorities to confirm the number of miners currently trapped in the coal mine. The administration vows to carry out a joint enquiry with the State Administration of Work Safety to find the cause of the mishap and penalize any individuals or companies who would be found to have despoiled laws and regulations in relation to the accident.

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