Saturday, August 20, 2011

VIDEO: Flt Lt Jon Egging Killed in Plane Crash During Bournemouth Air Festival in UK (R.I.P)

Earlier reported here; a Hawk aircraft from the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows aerobatic display team has crashed while performing a routine in the southern UK.

Jon Egging, 33, Killed in Aircraft Crash During airshow in Northern UK

 The pilot of the crashed plane, Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging from Rutland, was killed when his Hawk T1 aircraft - Red 4 - crashed about 1km south east of Bournemouth Airport at 13:50 BST, the UK Ministry of Defence has already confirmed. 

The 33-year-old Jon Egging flew Red 4 part of the ‘front section’ of the display group known as ‘Enid’. Jon Egging was based at the RAF’s Cottesmore base, flying the Harrier GR9. He reportedly has served in Afghanistan, providing support and cover for ground forces. He was married to Emma and, like all Red Arrows pilots, was with the display team since three years.

The exact cause of the crash is still a mystery while it is established that the lionhearted Jon Egging couldn’t eject from the crashing aircraft in time because he wanted to try to keep the plane away from populated areas. He succeeded, but sadly was killed in the crash.

It was the first fatality for the Red Arrows since a 1971 crash in which four pilots died in a mid-air collision.
Watch the video showing clearly how Red 4 was splitted from the rest of the formation while they were descending from altitude.

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