Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kent Mystery Man Woke Up at Deal Beach Suffering From Amnesia Searching for His own Identity

KENT (August 23) - The world is full of mysteries and weird incidents and every now and then we hear something very strange and outlandish. 

Kent Mystery Man Suffering From Amnesia Searching for His own Identity

What would be your feeling if you suddenly woke up and found yourself on a beach without remembering your name and whereabouts..?? It sounds really bizarre but it happened to mystery man in Kent, England. 

The mystery man, as I would call him, speaks with an English accent and looks in his late 50s or early 60s entered at Victoria Hospital in Deal, Kent, with problems of head aches and amnesia. 

Apparently and as he claims; he doesn’t have any idea about his own identity, anything about his family or any other personal details which can help trace his whereabouts.  

The mystery man told police that he woke up on the beach at Deal on August 17 and reached the hospital after asking about the direction from other people. According to police sources; he neither has any apparent injuries nor he looks like slept rough for any length of time.

Police have gone through missing persons’ case files but unable to trace any matching with the mystery man.

The man has a good healthy physique and was wearing black Wrangler jeans, a white T-shirt and patterned sweatshirt when he reached at hospital.

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