Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eight Civilians, including 7 children and a woman, Killed in NATO Airstrike in Nad-Ali, Helmand

Eight Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike in Nad-Ali, Helmand
KABUL, Afghanistan — NATO airstrike killed nine in Nad-Ali, the district in Helmand Province (Southern Afghanistan), including seven young children and a woman.

Reportedly, a coalition patrol called in an airstrike against insurgents firing on them from a mud compound, Afghan officials said Saturday. The home belonged to Mullah Abdul Hadi, 50, a local imam who Afghan officials say was helping the Taliban. He was killed along with one of his two wives and his seven children, all younger than 7 years old, said Habibullah Shamlani, the governor of Nad-Ali.

“People from the area said the imam was involved in making I.E.D.’s,” or improvised explosive devices, Mr. Shamlani said. “We found three hand grenades in his house.”

According to statement issued by NATO; “shortly following the engagement, coalition forces received reports that civilians were being held captive by the insurgents and may have been present during the airstrike.”

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