Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UPDATES: London Riots Continue Affecting Sporting Events Across UK

London Riots Continue Affecting Sporting Events Across UK
LONDON – London rioting continues which is not only affecting daily routine life of the overall Britain, especially the residents of the capital and surroundings; but its now going to affect the sporting events schedule in the capital city of United Kingdom.

Reportedly, England v Holland friendly scheduled for tonight at Wembley was postponed keeping in view the rising threat of violence and rioting across London. In the wake of this situation, as per instructions of Premier League, football clubs have to decide about the fate of weekend's fixtures particularly the three games to be played in London.

The clubs in London who are playing home fixtures on Saturday — Tottenham, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers — will take advice from the Metropolitan Police who will have the final say.

The Premier League wants clubs to come to a final decision as soon as possible, by tomorrow evening at the latest, if unrest and violence continues.

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