Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stuntman Todd Green, Son of Eddie (The Grip) Green, Fell to Death on Sunday afternoon at the Selfridge Air Show in Harrison Township (Exclusive Video Footage)

tuntman Todd Green, the son of legendary wing walker and skydiver Eddie (The Grip) Green, is dead after falling from the wing of a plane on Sunday afternoon at the Selfridge Air Show in Harrison Township, Michigan.

Wing-walker Todd Green makes the second of three attempts to transfer to a helicopter before falling at the Selfridge Air Show

Todd Green was certainly one of a few stuntmen in the world brave enough to walk on the wing of a plane; but ill-fated moment was chasing him on Sunday at Selfridge Air National Guard Base as about 75,000 people looked on.

According to witnesses; Green seemed well-balanced on a wing of a plane until he fell trying to clutch a helicopter's skid on his third attempt. 

Just moments after an commentator took note of the wind, Green tumbled from a wing when he was unable to cling onto the helicopter as part of a trick he had been doing for years.

Watch the video below; but be warned, this footage is GRUESOME and not for the faint of heart:

In case the video above has been removed by the user, you can see the video below:

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