Sunday, August 21, 2011

Emma Egging Paid Tribute to Her Husband Flt Lt Jon Egging - - Catastrophic Bird Strike Caused Aircraft Crash

“He was the best friend and husband I could ever have wished for”, says Emma Egging, the wife of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging crashed and died during an air show performance in southern England. 

Emma Egging - Wife of Flt Lt Jon Egging, who crashed and died during his performance in air show in southern England
Dr Emma Egging said he never watched her husband, who was nicknamed "Eggman" by his colleagues, performing in any air show until this Saturday which happened to be his last performance. 

The 33-year-old Jon Egging died after his Hawk T1 jet crashed in a field a few hundred metres from Bournemouth airport on Saturday (August 21). He was the part of the Red Arrows, Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) aerobatic team.

Dr Emma talking to media added "Jon was everything to those that knew him, and he was the best friend and husband I could ever have wished for. There was nothing bad about Jon. He loved his job and was an exemplary pilot. ... I loved everything about him, and he will be missed."

There’s still no official declaration about the cause of the aircraft crash until now but some experts of Royal Air Force are of the view that the stunt craft may have been downed by a "catastrophic bird strike".

The RAF source reportedly told the media that investigators found the remains of the bird at the site where the plane crashed.

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