Saturday, August 20, 2011

RIP Flt Lt Jon Egging - - Pay Your Tribute and Share Your Words on Facebook and Youtube

R.I.P Jon Egging (Red 4)
Flt Lt Jon Egging , 33, also known as Red 4 by his teammates from Rutland was killed in aircraft crash during Bournemouth Air Festival on August 20, 2011.

Jon Egging flew Red 4 part of the ‘front section’ of the display group known as ‘Enid’. The exact cause of the crash is still a mystery while it is established that the lionhearted Jon Egging couldn’t eject from the crashing aircraft in time because he wanted to try to keep the plane away from populated areas. He succeeded, but sadly was killed in the crash.

RIP Jon Egging. You can also say your words about Flt Lt Jon Egging on Facebook and Youtube on the links provided below:

RIP Jon Egging (Red 4) on Facebook

RIP Jon Egging (Red 4) on Youtube

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