Saturday, August 27, 2011

People! Get Ready for Candlelight Eid - IPPs Warned Government to Cut-off Electricity Supply during Eid Days

As Pakistanis; we’re heading towards the dark ages and will be edged to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the two biggest celebrations of Muslims across the globe, without basic necessity of power/electricity. We all are grateful to the PPP-led set up of government of Pakistan.

People of Pakistan to Suffer Curse of Load-shedding during Eid Days
Reportedly, IPPs (Independent Power Producers) have given their ultimatum to disconnect the power supply during Eid days if their overdue payments will not be released by federal government before Eid.

 Hurrah! Eid in a Dark – another gift by Zardari and company to Pakistan people after corruption, lawlessness, terrorism, inflation and unemployment.  

In this hot summer; people of Pakistan have suffered from loadshedding and power outages throughout the holy month of Ramadan and observed their religious rituals with enormous hardships and compromises. Before this holy month ends the news of electricity cut-off during Eid days has fallen on the heads of common man like a shell.

According to details; nine power companies have sent notices to the government demanding an immediate settlement of dues unpaid for quite along time. Logically, it is absolutely right and one needs no special knowledge to understand  that it is becoming almost impossible for them to run their plants because of the financial issues arises due to non-payment of their dues for the past so many.

The question arises here that if people have been paying their bills and dues in time to power distribution companies running under federally administered WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) and Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO); then why the IPPs have not been paid for such a long time..??

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