Monday, August 8, 2011

London Continues Burning: Riots Spread Across London as Croydon, Peckham, Lewis, Hackney, Clapham and Camden Affected Severely

LONDON (August 9) — The mounting crisis of riots across the capital of United Kingdom welcomed its Prime Minister David Cameron as soon as he came back from Tuscany holiday.

London Continues Burning Despite Large Number of Arrests
The riots, ignited from Tottenham (north London) on Saturday (August 6) night after police shot dead Mark Duggan on Thursday night in an apparent gunfight, have spread across London on Tuesday night.

Riots spread in Croydon, Peckham and Lewisham in the south of the city, while gangs of looters roamed the streets of Hackney in the east, Clapham in the south, Camden in the north and Ealing in the west.

Rioting could hardly have come at a worse time for London 2012 with representatives from nearly 200 countries in the capital to attend the Chef de Missions seminar to discuss preparations for next year.

Rioters not only set different buildings on fire but also looting spree was reported in the areas hit by the worst rioting in the capital in years.

Reportedly, more than 200 rioters have been arrested by British police until Tuesday as a result of a "momentous operation" to arrest rioters after a weekend of destruction and looting that triggered in neighbourhood of capital city just miles from the site of next year's Olympic Games.

Huge number of riot police poured into Hackney to try to control the violence in a district just a few kilometres from where the 2012 Olympics will take place in a year's time.

As darkness fell, police pushed the youths back using batons, while local residents hoping to return to their homes were kept behind police cordons.

In Croydon, an entire block of buildings — including a 100-year-old family furniture business — was ablaze, sending raging flames leaping into the night sky.

At least 35 police officers were injured, including three hit by a car while trying to make arrests in northeast London. Police commander Christine Jones said officers were "shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them."

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