Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peshawar Police Attacked - - Updates: 5 Policemen Killed, 42 Injured

Police Vehicle Bombed Killing Five Policemen, Several  Injured
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (August 11) - A woman suicide bomber blown herself and at least seven, including 5 policemen, were reported dead in another remote-controlled bomb blast in Peshawar on Thursday. 

According to details available; the police was a clear target of both the attacks as first remote-controlled bomb was exploded when a police vehicle, carrying 20 policemen, was on its way through the Lahori Gate on Circular Road. Four of twenty police officials were killed on the spot while an injured one lost his life in the hospital after few hours of blast.

In a second attack executed by a female suicide bomber a police check-post, just few meters away from the first bomb blast site, was targeted. Police sources told that the female bomber, almost 25 years old and was wearing a suicide vest, first threw a hand grenade and then blown herself in which she fortunately didn’t succeed completely; therefore, didn’t took any life. 

Total of 42 people, mostly police officials, were also injured in both terror attacks and shifted to Lady Reading Hospital.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, provincial Information Minister, said the two attacks could be a reaction to Wednesday night operation in the suburbs of Peshawar in which a senior Taliban commander was reportedly wounded. SSP (Operations) Ijaz Khan said around 8 Kgs. of explosives were used in the first explosion.

See the photo of female suicide bomber ........... link given below:


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