Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Worst Tornadoes Outbreak after 1974 - - Death Toll Reaches 245 With 162 in the State of Alabama Only

Tornadoes Killed 162 in Alabama
The death toll reaches 245 in five states of U.S. hit by deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms. The majority of the storm-caused casualities have been reported in Alabama with 162 people killed. Mississippi recorded 32 fatalities, Tennessee had 33, Georgia at least 10, and Virginia had eight. 

“It's hard to imagine nature can be this devastating,” Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal expressed his feelings after visiting the rampaged areas. 

The current tornadoes outbreak is the worst since 1974 with latest count of 164 from Mississippi to New York and it is expected to rise as per the weather predictions. The current rash weather also left thousands homeless and more than one million people without power.

The deadliest tornado outbreak was on March 18, 1925 when 695 people died in the storms; while super tornado outburst in 1974 claimed more than 300 lives.

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