Sunday, November 27, 2011

VIDEO: 10,000 walked as zombies in Mexico to set new world record

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Nov. 27) – In a bid to set a world record; about ten thousand people, dressed as zombies, walked through the streets of capital of Mexico.

10,000 walked as zombies in Mexico
The organizers of the “Zombie Walk” in Mexico City claimed it to be the biggest ever held and apparently broke the current Guinness world record - held by Asbury Park in the US – in which 4,093 zombie-dressed people walked in 2010.

Zombie walks have gained immense popularity throughout the world in recent years. The obsession for disguising as the "living dead" has been catalyzed by movies, television, video games and literature about the zombies.

In October, a group in Brisbane (Australia) has also claimed to set the record after arranging a march with 8,000 zombie-dressed people.

Such kind of zombie walks are relatively more popular in Latin America; like Lima in Peru, Santiago in Chile and Sao Paulo in Brazil, specially in Mexico where the "Day of the Dead" is a national celebration and where brutal killings by drugs gangs dominate the news.
Watch video below:

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