Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warsaw Plane Mishap Video -- Pilot and Control Tower Conversation Before Emergency Landing

WARSAW, Poland – Earlier this week, a big tragedy was averted by the mind presence of the pilot of POL flight from Newark (New Jersey, USA) to Warsaw, Poland. There were almost 230 people on board, when the pilot came to know that landing gear was not working and he had to land the plane on its belly.

Fire emerging out of right-wing as POL flight crash landed on Warsaw airport 
In the end the pilot did it with professional perfection and most of the passengers didn’t even notice that the plane landed on its belly. The sole noticeable difference was that the plane stopped very quickly after touching the ground.

A recording has emerged of the exchange between the control tower and the pilot of the faulty Boeing 767 moments before it made an emergency landing at Warsaw airport.

Watch the video below a listen the last moment conversation between pilot and control tower official at Warsaw airport.

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