Friday, November 4, 2011

Watch Video: Brazilian Police Officers Chase Smugglers' Plane and Smash Car into it

Two police officers in Brazil used a film-like stunt to stop smugglers’ plane taking off with a lot of illegal electronics.

Video shows that one police officer hanging almost out of the car window with a high-caliber rifle as they chase the criminals’ plane. In the mean time, second police officer, who’s driving the car, shouts: "Don't shoot! I am going to hit the wing!"

Moments later the car smashes into the single-engine aircraft. The two lionhearted policemen then jump out and surround the plane.

Edson Geraldo de Souza, federal police spokesperson, told G1 news the pilot and four criminals on the ground were detained in the incident on Tuesday.

He also said nobody was hurt.

Watch video below:

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