Monday, November 28, 2011

French Father, Christophe Chempenois, Accused of Killing Son by Locking Him in Washing Machine

PARIS, France (Nov. 28) – A father allegedly killed his 3-year-old son, named as Bastein, by locking him in a washing machine and starting a cold wash cycle, near the Paris suburb of Meaux in France.

3-year-old Bastein Killed by Father Locking into Washing Machine
According to details; the 33-year-old father Christophe Chempenois involved in this brutal killing just to ‘punish’ his son for some misbehaving at his nursery school. The kid reportedly had tossed away a sketch by a class-fellow down a toilet earlier on Friday (Nov. 25).

On Friday evening, Champenois supposedly forced the toddler bare into the washing machine and let it run for "several minutes", police said.

French newspaper Le Parisien reported, quoting a neighbor Alice that Bastein’s mother, 25-year-old Charlene, rushed to her home with boy’s body in mother’s arms and claimed that boy had fallen from the upstairs.

"I took him in my arms like a broken doll," Alice told the newspaper.

"I felt the last beat of his heart. Charlene didn't move. She was red all over. She didn't understand he was dead."

According to police sources; Bastein was dead just minutes after being taken out of washing machine. Champenois has been arrested for murdering a minor while Charlene is also under police custody for not helping a person in danger.
Both will remain under arrest until the date of trial would be determined by court, police said further.

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