Monday, November 14, 2011

Police Removed Occupy Encampment in Oakland -- More Than 20 Arrested: Mayor Jean Quan

OAKLAND, Calif. – Riot police arrested more than 20 Occupy protesters in a bid to clear out out Oakland's weeks-old anti-Wall Street encampment just before dawn on Monday, Mayor Jean Quan said.

Police Removed Occupy Encampment in Oakland
Police initiated the operation against anti-Wall Street protesters in the wee hours after issuing several warnings over the weekend. In this operation police not only arrested the OWS demonstrators but also removed their tents from downtown plaza.

Oakland’s police operation against Occupy protesters was a replay of the action taken by Portland’s authorities against the demonstrators, just 24 hours ago, arresting more than 50 protesters.

Protesters seemed to put up modest confrontation and policemen could be witnessed evenly leading some demonstrators away in plastic handcuffs. Warnings from authorities had been alike to those issued before officers used tear gas and bean bag projectiles to clear the encampment on Oct. 25.

Some of the retreating demonstrators showed their intentions to get back soon.

Oakland officials issued warnings to end the city's encampment after a man was shot and killed Thursday near the Frank Ogawa Plaza. Police issued a fourth stop and discontinue order Sunday night asking demonstrators they couldn't camp there.

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