Sunday, November 13, 2011

Iran's Missile Base Mishap on Saturday -- An Accident or Mossad's Another Success

Blasts at Iran Missile Base Killed 17 on Saturday (Nov. 12)
TEHRAN, Iran – Its hard to believe that it was just an accident, as said by Iranian officials, which killed at least 17 people, including Maj. Gen. Hassan Moqqadam, described by Iranian state media as a pioneer in Iranian missile development and the Revolutionary Guard commander in charge of "ensuring self-sufficiency" in armaments, a challenging task in light of international sanctions.

The powerful series of explosions destructed a missile base in the west 25 miles away from the Iranian capital Tehran. Iran says the explosion was an accident that came while troops were transferring ammunition out of the depot "toward the appropriate site."

If it was not an accident, for instance, then “who’s behind this attack?” Let’s see few facts that might help answer the question:

• The base housed Shahab missiles, which, at their longest-range, can reach Israel.

• The disaster happened just one week after International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report issued stating that Iran has tested on experimental basis by replacing nuclear warhead instead of conventional ones on Shahab-3.

• Israel's threat to launch airstrikes on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Based of the facts mentioned above; one can easily accept the assumption by a Western intelligence source insisting: The Mossad, the Israeli agency charged with covert operations, did it and it is not the first time it did something like that for Israel. 

Mossad has achieved many targets for Israel cause; from the November 2007 explosion at a missile base south of Tehran, to the October 2010 blast at a Shahab facility in southwestern Iran, to the assassinations of three Iranian scientists working in the nuclear program, two last year and one in July.

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