Sunday, November 6, 2011

Passenger Bus-Fuel Tanker Collision in Tamil Nadu, India -- At Least 7 Killed, 21 Injured

CHITHODU (Tamil Nadu), India – At least seven reported killed and 21 injured in a fatal road accident last night in Erode district, Tamil Nadu.

According to details; a passenger bus collided with a fuel tanker from backside at Chithode, about 15 km from Chitode, on NH-47, resulting in an immediate fire which covered both vehicles within a wink of an eye.

According to police sources; the bus was heading towards Bangalore from Coimbatore and the fuel tank was carrying aviation fuel and was on its way to the Coimbatore airport.

Five out of seven killed were burnt to death on the spot while two were later died in hospital. Twenty one injured passengers were shifted to different nearby hospitals at Bhavani, Erode and Coimbatore. Two of the injured are still in serious condition, hospital sources revealed.

Over-speeding is the apparent cause of the accident; while restlessness of driver is also believed to be a major factor. The driver and conductor of the bus also killed in this accident.

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