Monday, November 28, 2011

Iran's Guardian Council Approves Britain Ambassador Expulsion Bill

TEHRAN, Iran (Nov. 28) – Parliamentary bill demanding ousted of Britain’s ambassador to Tehran has been approved by Iran’s Guardian Council on Monday. According to website of state-run television; the parliamentary bill has become a law after getting approval from Guardian Council.

Iran's Guardian Council Approves Britain Ambassador Expulsion Bill
The affirmation by the Guardian Council, whose jurists and clerics evaluate parliamentary texts and bills to make sure the same remain under Islamic and constitutional rules, means Iran’s foreign ministry now has to implement the law and Britain’s envoy, Dominick Chilcott, has to leave the country within stipulated time frame of two weeks. Chilcott took the charge of this post in October this year.

Britain has warned to act “robustly” if the expulsion is carried out.

As reported earlier, Iran’s parliament passed a bill with significant majority on Sunday to expel Britain's ambassador as a reaction to the latest Western sanctions imposed on Iran’s nuclear program. The lawmakers in the parliament also hinted the likelihood of dealing "other countries that behave in a manner similar to that of Britain."

In coordination with U.S. and Canada; Britain ceased all of its financial contacts with Tehran on November 14, a week after the report from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) strongly suggesting Tehran was researching nuclear weapons.

Iran has dismissed the UN report and insists its nuclear program is for completely peaceful purposes.

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