Friday, November 18, 2011

Kate Middleton's 6-week Pregnant: In Touch -- Not Confirmed by Royal Sources

Kate Middleton’s pregnant! O Really? Those have been the rumors buzzing around the newest Royal, the Duchess of Cambridge having only married to Prince William for just short of 7 months. American magazine claimed it could 'confirm' Kate is 'around six weeks pregnant.'

Kate Middleton: 6-week Pregnant
US In Touch Magazine definitely appear to feel they've got a dig, a Buckingham Palace insider saying "Since before they even got married, it's been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority".

But yesterday a Buckingham Palace spokesman refused to be drawn on the rumors, simply saying: ‘We do not comment on speculation. If there would be something positive, the world will hear from us not from US. ’

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