Sunday, November 6, 2011

Colombia Rains and Mudslides -- Eight more killed, death toll reaches 45

BOGOTA, Colombia – At least eight people were killed, including two children, and dozens were reported missing as a result of mudslides that destroyed parts of towns in western Colombian provinces of Caldas and Quindio, the Colombian Red Cross said Saturday, authorities said.

Colombia Having One of the Worst Rainy Season in History
Four people also were killed in the city of Manizales, the capital of Caldas, when another landslide swept into homes where about 32 families live, leaving four people dead and 28 missing, a Red Cross official said.

Jorge Zambrano, a local Red Cross coordinator, said: "We do have a lost of 28 people who are missing whose relatives say were on the scene at the time of the emergency."

Twelve people trapped in their homes were saved by the Red Cross.

Colombia is having one of its worst rainy seasons in history which as of Monday had left 45 people dead, 43 injured, seven missing and forcing the evacuations of at least 245,420 people.

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