Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Extinct Specie "Hula Painted Frog" Re-emerged in Israel after 50 Years

JERUSALEM, Israel (Thursday, Nov. 17) – An ever-unique specie from the family of frog has reappeared mysteriously in northern Israel after more than 50 years. This specific kind of frog was believed to be wiped out from the planet.

The Hula painted Frog's Mysterious Re-emergence after 50 Years

According to further details; the Hula Painted Frog that was declared extinct in 1996 has been seen once again for the first time in last 50 years. This specie is inhabitant of the Hula Valley – a slough, which was depleted in the fight to control malaria in 1950s.

The Hula Painted Frog has a dark belly with small white spots with other colors of a golden yellow-brown and rust fading into dark olive-grey and grey-black. It measures 6.3 cm and weighs just at 26 grams.

An official from Nature and Parks Authority in Israel declared it officially of Thursday telling that it was an amazing discovery and they had another chance to conserve this unique and special Frog specie.

According to Dana Milstein, an aquatic ecologist, the Hula Painted frog was a rarely seen specie even at the time of it existence; therefore very limited information is available about it. Frog reappearance might be due to start of irrigation in this area, Milstein said, and it is expected that more could be seen in future.

According to some historical records belonged to 1940s; a specimen of the same specie ate a second frog, leading to speculation the species is cannibalistic.

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