Thursday, November 17, 2011

Facebook Again Suspected for Using Users' Post-logout Data for Commercial Benefits

The number one social networking site Facebook is under heavy criticism for trailing and following its users even after they have signed out. Facebook users are tracked for the sites they visit after getting log out from Facebook. The cookies are not totally removed; therefore, the users' data is maintained by the website.

Facebook Again Suspected for Using Users' Post-logout Data for Commercial Benefits
It has already been declared by the Facebook management, in their privacy policy, that the user data is not entirely deleted after logging out just to ensure more protection to the users’ accounts. But, they stressed, the retained user data is not available to anyone else and the privacy of the user is also not compromised.

Contrarily, the experts say, Facebook enjoying a lot of benefits after analyzing the users’ post-logout information retained like figuring out trends among the users and improve the advertising in the website by giving out personalized advertisements to users.

Furthermore, advertisement being a core source for online businesses; Facebook might provide content that is specifically tailored for the person tracked after ascertaining the preferences of that user.

The question of Facebook privacy arose once again after Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, said on Wednesday that he would hold an inquiry to examine reports that Facebook tracks its users on the internet after they log out.

As the issue has become public, other websites will also face pressure from their users and consequently, authorities would be implementing stricter rules and regulations for online companies. Even if the tracked data is kept confidential, it should not be taken without the user's consent.

The company has assured the people in their recently issued statements that the data tracking is benefiting the users and is not being used to harm them. The procedure has been said to be different from the tracking done by other websites. Also the data is kept anonymous and privacy of any user is not intruded.

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