Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Lucky" Denver Puppy Rescued after Being Trapped between Walls (Video Link)

Denver fight fighting department was involved Saturday (Nov. 05) in a very rare kind of rescue operation.

2-day Old Lucky Denver Puppy Rescued
As per report in Huffington Post; a fire fighter crept into a narrow space, just 12-inch wide, to save a puppy of just 2-day old. Chihuahua mix puppy was slipped through floorboards, the owner Armando Velarde told media.

The puppy's mother and three siblings keep on heard as the little puppy moaning in suffering and the committed firefighter keep on advancing until he successfully reclaimed the lost puppy.

Velarde told that he was really luck to get back the puppy live and unhurt. After this lucky escape the puppy is named as “Lucky” and rightly so, I must add.

Watch video of the rescue operation HERE.

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