Saturday, November 26, 2011

VIDEO: Yuvraj Singh's health concerns -- Mother Shabnam speaks about his son's lungs tumor

NEW DELHI, India (Nov. 26) – India’s classy left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh suffering from "non-malignant tumour" in his left lung – the actual reason behind his requested exit from upcoming ODI series against West Indies. He is also likely to miss the Test series in Australia.

Yuvraj Singh with his mother Shabnam
Reportedly, Yuvraj Singh has only played one Test match against England since India won the ICC World Cup 2011 and has been dealing with health problems since then.

The initials reports and scans suggested that Singh was having some serious health issues due to a golf-ball-sized bulge was located over his left lung; which in medical terms is called an abnormal tumor called ‘lymphoma’. There were quite significant chances that the tumour could be malignant; but doctors advised to undergo even thorough diagnosis process.

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Watch below the video report on Yuvi's health concerns:

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