Saturday, December 17, 2011

9-year-old Jonathan Jewth Died of Meatball Choking in Bronx School Cafeteria, New York

NEW YORK (Dec. 17) – A fourth-grad student seriously choked on meatballs in a Bronx school cafeteria last week while nothing was done by the merciless staff to save the boy, family of 9-year-old Jonathan Jewth and witness spoke out yesterday.

9-year-old Jonathan Jewth and his school building in background
The New York Post reports that Jonathan Jewth fell on the ground during lunch on Monday (December 5) and got fainted before medical assistance could reach. The family of the boy and witness of the incident say cafeteria staff at Public School 47 in the Bronx had no idea about what to do in this emergency situation and failed to help him in time.

The cafeteria staff did not know how to help revive the little boy, who apparently had two meatballs in his throat, so the staff called 911 and just started to scream for help.

Eventually, Jewth was taken to Jacobi Medical Center. He was not breathing when he was admitted to hospital due to cardiac arrest. The boy was in coma and had suffered serious brain damage when his family reached the hospital.

Jewth died Monday when his parents made the gut-wrenching decision to take him off life support, family members said.

Read more details at NEW YORK POST.

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