Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anti-slavery efforts by Google with a donation of $11.5 million

SAN FRANCISCO (Wed, Dec. 14) – Donation of $11.5 million was announced on Wednesday by Google to fight against the modern-world slavery that is affecting 27 million around the globe. The donation will be distributed among the organizations with proven records in combating slavery, Google announced further.

Anti-slavery efforts by Google with a donation of $11.5 million
The donation is undoubtedly the biggest ever corporate grant towards support, interference and release of people being held and forced to work or provide sex against their spirit.

According to further details; tech giant has chosen International Justice Mission to lead the anti-slavery mission started by Google. The human rights organization, International Justice Mission, has already been involved to rescue victims of slavery and sexual exploitation worldwide.

The Google’s anti-slavery mission spanned over several years will also be assisted by Polaris Project and Slavery Footprint along with few other smaller groups. The mission will try to free the enslaved, push for better infrastructure and resources for anti-slavery enforcement agencies overseas, as well as raise awareness here in the United States and help countries draft anti-slavery legislation.

President of the International Justice Mission, Gary A. Haugen, said the alliance would focus on three projects:

• A $3.5 million intervention project to fight forced labor in India;
• A $4.5 million advocacy campaign in India to educate and protect the vulnerable; and
• A $1.8 million plan to mobilize Americans on behalf of the millions currently at risk of slavery or waiting for rescue around the world.

For more details on the anti-slavery efforts of tech giant Google, check this out below:

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