Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul Criticized by Rick Perry and Mitt Romney on Iran's Nuclear Issues

WASHINGTON (Dec. 28) – Ron Paul has been criticized on Wednesday by Mitt Romney and Rick Perry for his lenient approach towards Iran’s nuclear programme after a statement by Texas congressman in which he said that the U.S. has no business bombing Iran to keep it from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Ron Paul Criticized by Rick Perry and Mitt Romney on Iran's Nuclear Issues
The former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said in response to a question from audience, “One of the people running for president thinks it's okay for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, I don't.”

Although Rick Perry, the Texas governor, and Mitt Romney didn’t clearly name Ron Paul in their arguments but the target was very much obvious.

Rick Perry in context to Ron Paul’s statement said in Urbandale, “You don't have to vote for a candidate who will allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, because America will be next.”

"I'm here to say: You have a choice," Perry added.

The latest criticism of Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican, surfaces as surveys hint that he's in contention to win Tuesday's caucuses.

During last few days, conservative rivals including Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann have amplified their disapproval of Paul on social issues, foreign affairs and stirring comments in his decades-old newsletter. 

By tearing him down, they hope voters will give their campaigns another, closer look after a season marked by candidates who have risen quickly in public standing only to fall back down.

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