Monday, December 19, 2011

Floating Oil Rig Capsized and Sank in Russia -- 7 Killed, 46 Missing: Emergencies Ministry

MOSCOW, Russia (Dec. 19) – At least seven reported killed and dozens feared dead after missing due to floating oil rig capsized and sank off Russia's east coast, officials said on Monday.

Floating Oil Rig Capsized and Sank off Russia east Coast
The accident took place on Sunday morning and as a result of immediate rescue operations 14 workers were saved while 7 bodies have been recovered. About 46 persons are still missing in the ice-cold waters, spokesperson of Emergencies Ministry said.

The accident could easily be described as the deadliest offshore oil accident in Russia, which produces most of its oil onshore.

The oil platform capsized as it was being towed about 200 kilometers (120 miles) off the Coast of Sakhalin Island amid a fierce storm.

Even though the survival chances of missing persons are trifling, but rescuers are continuing to search for them.

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